Jeffrey Hayzlett Joins EDGE As Ambassador

Global business celebrity, speaker, best-selling author, and Chairman/Founder of the C-Suite Network, Jeffrey Hayzlett, has joined EDGE as Ambassador. “As the leader in Web3 Video, it’s paramount that the media enterprises hear the message loud and clear, that Web3 is total transformation in the business model and experience,” said Joe Ward, CEO at EDGE. “Jeffrey … Read more

Hard Knocks Channel Live On The EDGE

Hard Knocks is a reality sports documentary television series produced by NFL Films and HBO. Edge welcomes Hard Knocks onto the network to begin the AI training process. The series shows the personal and professional lives of the players, coaches and staff, including their family life, position battles, and even inside jokes and pranks. It … Read more

EDGE Announces Bloomberg TV Adoption

Delighted to announce that @BloombergTV is going live with #EdgeVideo. “The Edge Web3 Video Network now has its second business channel” Said Joe Ward, CEO at EDGE. “Our mission is to bring Web3 to all content categories. Bloomberg TV will be added to EARNIFY.TV so that $EAT holders can Watch2Earn while watching Bloomberg TV.” #Bloomberg … Read more

EDGE Announces Edge Activity Token (EAT) For Media Sector & Polygon Strategic Investment

ANNOUNCES EDGESURF.TV FOR TOKEN HOLDERS THE HAGUE, NETHERLANDS — DECEMBER 14, 2021 Edge Video today unveiled a new utility token for the media industry known as the Edge Activity Token (EAT). The utility token will facilitate a brand new way for publishers and viewers to engage in the crypto sector. New Watch2Earn and Tag2Earn Engagement … Read more

Poker Night in America Deploys EDGE Player

FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA — DECEMBER 1, 2021 Poker Night in America has successfully deployed the EDGE Player to expanding the EDGE Player into the American entertainment industry. “Really excited to announce Poker Night has now got the Edge.” Said Joe Ward, CEO of Edge Video. “In the company’s first fully automated EDGE Web3 Video … Read more

EDGE AI 2.1 Player Announced via JP’s Chalk Talks YouTube Channel



JP’s Chalk Talks YouTube Channel today announced Edge Video’s new Edge AI Video Player 2.1 release to enhance broadcaster AI and viewer notification capabilities.

“The AI engine is the knowledge to the live video” Said Joe Ward CEO of Edge Video. “These new tools empower the broadcaster to interact with the AI and tag new personalities or correct existing ones.

“Targeted AI using our facial recognition is where the intelligence lies. Investing in these tools using our patented Edge-AI technology is the key to multiplying audience engagement”



BizTV Deploys Live Search!

FIRST NATIONAL BUSINESS CHANNEL TO DEPLOY LIVE SEARCH! ARLINGTON, TEXAS — SEPTEMBER 23, 2021 BizTV has successfully deployed Edge Video’s EDGE AI Video Player to expanding the Live Search! Video Player into the leading national business networks in the United States. “The EDGE AI deployment has enabled realtime interactive profiles of our on air … Read more